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September 26, 2011 / caswelld

National Geographic – Francesc Torres

The paid for article that National Geographic had in there actual magazine will hopefully be more interesting but I feel like the online article was lacking, very lacking.  There was nothing all that interesting in the little slide show they had.  The antenna was interesting and the mystery rail was interesting but not for art reasons.  They were interesting from a “how did that survive” or “what did that come from” perspective.  I’m hoping that the September National Geographic (which I still have not received) will hopefully have a much bigger gallery and much more interesting article about the subject.

As far as Francesc Torres, and judging this from a photography perspective rather then an “its in Nat Geo” perspective, I think it is interesting.  What he did was unique because he showed the destruction it caused without showing the actual destruction caused.  He showed the aftermath, the twisted remains and did not show the actual buildings collapsing or the piles and piles of ruble that were at ground zero.  A person looking at the photographs can realize the destructive forces involved in making the objects without seeing the event itself. Some of his photos were also interesting because of what else was in them; for example, the picture of the subway panels and the photo of the towers going down.  On the subway panels, every panel but the one with the Trade Center on it is painted with red and the “OK” is almost eerie in a way.  For the photo of the towers going down, the balance of the destruction of the Trade Center on half the photo with the kitsch on the other half the photo is, in a way, poetic.


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